CHEESE BOARDS - Cheese Boards for Valentines Day

hey guys, today I'm gonna be making two valentine's day cheese boards 

Cheese Boards for Valentines Day

 versus eighty dollars so I'm going to go ahead and show you what i have in my 20 baskets first of course with any cheese board you need a vessel to carry the cheese on and I really love these brioche toast for the cheese boards

 I don't like adding them onto the actual board and i always like having them on the side because I don't want to risk the cheese or whatever else

 I have on the board making them soggy so we'll just kind of layer them make them look a little bit more abundant and now the cheeses which are the most important part of the board I have a petite breakfast brie and i really love getting sampler packs

 because you get a variety of cheeses in one little small package so these mini ones are perfect for the board so for the cheese I'm just going to place it where I think it would work for softer cheeses i like to kind of give it some room because you have to like dig into it with a knife and then these harder cheese here I have Iberico cobra Alvino and manchego which are harder cheeses so since they already come sliced I'm just gonna arrange them artfully sometimes these pre-cut ones tend to really stick together so I kind of have to just pry them

Cheese Boards for Valentines Day

 apart and then with these sliced ones I like arranging them kind of in this pattern so that not only is it space-saving just standing up like that but it adds a little bit more volume and interest to the board and just to break it up from this one I'll do like a braided pattern great and then since we have to have charcuterie and meat on our board 

i just have some calabrese salami and the fun thing with salami is that you can turn it into a rose so if you are on a budget and you don't have the budget to buy actual roses I'm going to show you how to make some salami roses

 I'm going to fold it over into a half-moon shape like this flat layer them on top of each other like this depending on how big or small you want your rose I think six pieces is probably good enough and then you just roll it on top of each other isn't that pretty and then i like to anchor it against something like the spree would be awesome if it comes apart as you're building it don't worry you're going to be able to push everything back and then if you want the salami pieces to stay closer together like this you can just fold over each of these slices on top of each other similar to how it comes in the package and then fold it in half and roll it just really preferences on how you want your rose to

Romantic CHEESE BOARDS - $15 vs $65 Cheese Boards for Valentines Day                                                           

look see this looks a lot tighter whereas this opens out more so you can do like big roses or little roses okay cool I also like to add other easier to grab salamis so I just fold them over in quarters and create a little ruffle along with the cheeseboard now I have fruits and nuts for the nuts since we're making such a small board I like to go to the snack aisles of the grocery

 stores you know like the ones that are grab and go and I found this for a dollar it's such a deal but it provides that crunch and that like fancifulness for the nuts I like keeping them somewhere in the middle not I never put them in the edge because they're really easy to fall off the board so I think right here would be really good i have the bulk of it still there's still a little bit in the bag here so I'm going to revisit this once

 i need to fill up the board later for the fruits i have a blood orange because the beautiful red hue the orange will really pop on this board and then some figs and then just because a cheese board always needs some type of spread and this would go really well with the brie here i have some strawberry jam and I'm gonna pop it right here and then with the fruits i'm just kind of placing them where they look like they could really pop so the bulk of my cheese board looks pretty good but I'm gonna fill it up with some sweets because

 it's valentine's day i have these um occur they're like crispy cocoa wafers they would go really well with debris too so and just because you have already put something down it doesn't mean that you can't readjust and move them to make other things fit some Belgian hearts we also have some jelly bean heart just kind of fill in some gaps and what i feel is missing from this board is a little bit more freshness so we're going to add some flowers and greeneries to make everything really pop here i just have some chrysanthemum

 i think that's what they're called yeah here i have some chrysanthemum some daisies and just little greeneries we're just gonna add them to the plate since roses have left I'm gonna add them right here baby's breath would be really nice too but i couldn't find any don't be afraid to use the whole stem too and that's all there is to it pretty easy to achieve the right and look at this masterpiece like if someone gave me this versus a basket-like how i showed you earlier i would be so much more impressed with this board

 and that is twenty dollars absolutely well spent it's so impressive i am just i wish someone would make me one but if you guys wanted to pair this with a drink i feel like either a rose a nice crisp and cold rose or a really jammy red wine would really work with this all right let's build our epic 80 cheese board for our next board it's going to be a combo of sweet and savory again and i'm going to start with the cheeses i'm going to show you guys what i have and then i'm going to do something really cool with our brie some herb goat cheese

 cambisola which is like a creamy blue cheese blue cheese can be kind of overpowering so you can choose to add it or leave it out but just know that it's a little bit strong i like it though we have this fancy toscano cheese soaked in syrah which is red wine so it gives it that romantic valentine's feel of course i have to have cheddar this is unexpected cheddar and for a pop of color we just have some sharp cheese for the brie since it's already in a really pro for the brie since it's already in a really pretty flower shape like this i want to add another dimension to it by cutting a heart right in the middle you do have to wiggle with it a little bit since the brie is a little soft but if you pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and try to do this it'll be a little bit easier to work with for the unexpected cheddar since it's nice and crumbly i'm just gonna break it apart like that we have our creamy goat cheese another soft cheese that'll go on the corner maybe down here our beautiful wine soaked syrah

 the cheese we've already sliced them so I'm going to fan them out like this I'm trying to be conscious of leaving enough room for the rest of the items and then we have cheese cubes which i will place right here this is the cheddar I've cut up into cubes i have this variety pack and some smoked salami same thing we'll do some roses we'll kind of make them beautiful spread them out some prosciutto which will just break and kind of clump them up together some on the edge right here so since I'm going for more like a fondue type of thing you know you can't have valentine's day without some chocolate-dipped strawberries 

so I'm gonna have some chocolate right here and then we're gonna add some nuts in this one now for the fruit I'm gonna add some raspberries right in the middle of our heart just to really accentuate the shape we'll add some strawberries right where i plan to dip it into the chocolate and around the board for this board i actually will use a few of my crackers just as an accent i have these elegant seated crackers which I'll put these on the side just because they're more ordinary but i also

Romantic CHEESE BOARDS - Cheese Boards for Valentines Day

 have these parmesan crisps which i feel like will add a lot of character and unique shape to the board so now here's where the fun part begins we're going to fill the rest with some chocolates cookies and sweets i have some yogurt pretzels and because i don't want blue cheese tasting yogurt pretzels i'm gonna shield it with some strawberries right over here and we're gonna place them right here i found these really pretty um they're like windsor

 cookies but they're raspberry filled heart cookies i have more than that but i want to make enough room for the other ones i also have cocoa truffles chocolate goes well with three right these cocoa truffles are really great gap fillers so like if you need some at the edge because they have a flat bottom they are pretty stabilized or they stay pretty stable and then i'm super excited about these we have some macarons which will add a nice pop of color into our board i have these cool uh vanilla wafer batons and they just add a unique

 shape i'm gonna put them right here i don't mind these baton wafers next to blue cheese because i actually like the combo of the vanilla with the blue cheese it's actually really it's pretty interesting kind of mellows it out a little bit and then for the last piece which will work really well to fill in any big gaps some gummy x's and nose these are really fun because they add another dimension on top of the board the cheeses so i'm gonna put an x and an o on the cheese these are great to fill up space you know and then with whatever ingredients you have left just go in and fill up the gaps on the board in my case i have lots of berries and strawberries left and since we had a little bit of budget to show on flowers we're going to add some roses to this board here i have some red roses some purple ones and then some

 beautiful chrysanthemums and just gonna kind of layer them where there's still little gaps, of course, i have to have some greens next to my salami flowers actually though these uh rose petals would go really pretty underneath the berries too so tuck those in some sprinkled romantic red roses and there is our romantic 80 cheese board i think it looks pretty good i would say they both look unique and beautiful in their own ways but this one is just a little bit more over the top which is what i like so whether you guys have a big budget or a little budget this valentine's day make a cheese board from the heart because i know your loved one will definitely appreciate and love it if you guys end up recreating a cheese board on Instagram be sure to tag me at honeysuckle i would love to see it and just like salivate over your board so thank you.

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