Hairdressers Are Revealing The Things You Must Stop Doing During Your Haircut, And It's Eye-Opening

a hairstylist that was recommended to me

and I told him make me my natural hair


 like it's not that hard at a

really expensive hair salon I paid four

hundred and fifty dollars for my hair to

do swag and for those of you that know I

do modeling I can't have red hair and I

really can't afford to have that happen

to me hey guys this is so strange

you guys aren't used to seeing me vlog

style hey I felt like it every Friday

for the month of December I'm going to

be vlogging for you guys and this is a

whole new world for me I just feel like

I'm ready to start showing you guys more

than what I usually put out there as far

as content you guys know I'm doing music

now and I think vlogging might be a new

fun hobby for me as well all of the

Fridays in December are gonna be vlog

days so I'm gonna be just kind of like

vlogging my everyday life for you guys

giving you more like personal insight on

my life for the entire month of December

and if you like the Friday vlogs I might

start a new vlog channel maybe maybe we

will see how it goes because I like the

content I make on my channel right now

but I'm really excited for this too so

let me just explain what we are doing

right now so I am here with Zach if you

guys don't know zach is my boyfriend

love him we've been together for like

two and a half years we are going into

t.j.maxx right now and it's because I'm

looking for a new shampoo and I have

seriously had such major problems with

my hair recently I mean not just

recently but in general my entire life I

have always had hair issues I had a

seriously terrible experience at the

hair salon at a really expensive hair

salon I paid like 4 this is ridiculous

honestly I'm never doing this again I

paid like $400 to get my hair done you

guys because I thought that I knew the

guy that I was going to I thought he was

credible so many people recommended him

to me like cuz he's worked with blondes

before but I have like a really

interesting hair story and I'll tell you

guys more about my terrible hair

experience later on tonight because we

have some fun thing

plan tonight but right now we're gonna

go in I'm gonna look for some decent

shampoo and I'll explain to you guys

later on in the vlog what exactly

happened to my hair and why I have been

having major major problems with it

recently I have my Starbucks coffee

right now some of you guys asked me what

my go-to Starbucks coffee is and it is a

venti caramel Frappuccino no whip made

with almond milk and no caramel drizzle

because we can't get that milk we don't

like that milk if you think about it you

are not supposed to drink milk from cows

whoever was the first person to drink

milk from a cow you're disgusting

so I am back to at my house I have a en

event because I have a really good

relationship with them and I have four

outfits and I want you guys to choose

from but before I show you my outfit I

want to show you what I got at t.j.maxx

because you guys know I was looking for

a good shampoo and conditioner so I

decided to go with these two this is the

bed head by Tai GTG I really like this

collection I used these products as when

I was like growing up and stuff and I

think they smell really good I don't

know if these are for damaged hair or

whatever these were always very good for

me I also picked up the zodiac palette

by BH Cosmetics I do have a coupon code

for BH Cosmetics they're not sponsoring

this video

but if you guys are interested in using

my code here it is I'll put it on the

screen but yes you guys know I make

zodiac videos and I'm going to include

this and many other things in my winter

giveaway this year so I thought that I

got the shampoo and conditioner set and

I also picked up this candle you guys

know TJ Maxx is the best place to pick

up all of your favorite candles this one

is called Christmas tree I really like

it obviously because of the holiday

season but also because of the pattern I

literally have decorated everything with

like that that jacquard pattern I don't

know I don't know what it's called but

even Mike it's on my Christmas tree even

but I really like the smell of this one

I put it in the cat room because it's

super strong and it hides the smell of

 I also got these cute little

snowman socks aren't these adorable I

wear these around the house and they're

comfy since I have hardwood floors my

feet get chilly but yeah that is what I

picked up from TJ Maxx

I'm also here with Allie say hi Allie

alligators on YouTube currently

uploading some tea I am kind of having

like a little bit of

right now with this event I don't know

what's going on but there is a little

bit of a miscommunication right now so I

just got a phone call from the driver of

the event he was supposed to pick me up

at 7:00 that's what everyone had

established was the pickup time for this

event was 7 o'clock and that gave me an

hour to get ready and plenty of time to

choose what I want to wear and like put

my hair up or whatever I wanted to do

but I literally just got a phone call

from the driver saying that he's here

and it's 6 o'clock so he's an hour early

and I mean I don't know what to do I

honestly feel really bad because I don't

like people waiting around for me like I

would be the first person to like rush

around and get ready so that he doesn't

have to wait for me but honestly what

would you do in this situation like I'm

not ready at all I haven't done my hair

I haven't picked out my outfit yet so I

feel bad I hope he's not mad at me he

sounded kind of irritated on the phone

though so hopefully when I go down there

he doesn't drive us into a wall let me

show you guys my four outfit options for

this chien event

you think I should do blue Holly thinks

I should do the blue one I also love the

blue one but when I tried it on like I

don't know how I like the fit but this

is option number one it's like a blue

sort of chiffon dress I actually really

like blue for the holidays and blue like

this color of blue is everything this is

literally the color of my soul you could

tell like my ring is like that turquoise

blue like all blue tones are my favorite

outfit option number two you guys might

have seen this in my main video this is

like a houndstooth set there's actually

a skirt in here that goes with it but I

think that houndstooth is really cute

for the holidays as well option number

three is a classic red like this classic

red dress I mean it's kind of like one

of those business e dresses I like it

and it's sure enough to show off my legs

but the reason I don't really want to

reach for this one is because of the

high neckline I don't know it's just a

little too classy for this type of event

maybe and then option number four is

this black like cupcake dress it's

strapless it's pretty cute but I

wouldn't necessarily say it's like

holiday themed comment down below right

now what

you want me to wear and you guys will

get to see so I have finally chosen

which outfit I am wearing tonight can

you guess

can you guess I chose the blue I don't

know about you guys but I feel like blue

is just a different option for a holiday

party like not everyone is gonna be

wearing blue a lot of people are gonna

be wearing red every time there's a

party people are always wearing black I

wanted to switch it up I wanted to do

something different and it was kind of a

weird coincidence that my blue dress

matched my blue champagne bottle and my

bathroom that have that cancer crap by

the way if you guys are interested in

having like a house tour or like I'm not

a house an apartment tour let me know I

can show you guys what my apartment

looks like how I decorate it and whatnot

this dress even matches my blue blood

palette I have it sitting out here for

decoration I think it's so gorgeous

honestly I might touch up my makeup with

this palette before I head out and who

knows maybe we'll add a little glitter

too but for my hair I decided to do just

like an easy like top not like I said

the guy's literally downstairs waiting

for us and I don't want him to wait any

longer then he has to I wanted to wear

my extensions tonight but guess that's

not gonna happen so I did this top knot

with like this cute

pearl pearl barrette I'm obsessed with

pearls and my earrings

love that my pearl my moonstone my

Larimar the guy that I bought this from

he said it was the dolphin stone of the

Caribbean like I was saying about my

hair this is how I'm wearing it tonight

but I had mentioned earlier that I had a

problem with my hair so for those of you

that have been watching my channel for a

while you know that I have had a crazy

hair story my hair is naturally a dirty

blonde color I'll insert pictures right


now of what my hair naturally kind of

looks like and it's taken me a really

long time to love my natural

color like I used to dye it blonde and

then I would dye it dark if you've been

around for a while you remember when my

hair was dark and I have to say like

when you color your hair darker it is

always healthier so my hair was longer

back then but recently I've been trying

to bring it back to my natural color I

won't disclose his name because I don't

want to bash anyone but it was actually

the worst hair coloring experience I've

had probably in my entire life

you guys know what my hair has been so

many different colors it's been blonde

it's been black but my worst fear you

guys is for my hair to be red I paid 450

dollars for my hair to be red if you

know anything about hair you know that

it's so difficult to get red tones out

of your hair like I went in and I told

him back to the dirty blonde and tonnage

so it's back to the cool color and it

doesn't have those yellow oranjee tones

but when he colored my hair it made my

hair red in like after he colored it I

didn't really notice it at first I

thought everything was fine because at

the salon the lighting is like kind of

dark and it's like why would you have a

salon that doesn't have good lighting

anyways I went home and I looked at my

hair the next morning and when I saw it

in the natural lighting it was red

literally red and for those of you that

know I do modeling you know I can't have

red hair it doesn't go with my skin tone

it's not my look at all believe it or

not something as small as your hair

color can't change like that because I'm

in the business of having a certain look

and I really can't afford to have that

happen to me unfortunately like as much

as like some people love red hair and I

think it looks beautiful on other people

it is not meant for me says and so he

told me to come back in and he tried to

fix it and it did

end up going back like it still has red

tones in it he couldn't even correct it

all the way and now it looks like I have

like a dirty blonde ombre which is not

what I wanted to begin with honestly the

guy was like nice enough to at least try

and correct it for free without charging

me but I'm tired of coloring my hair

guys I just want my hair back to normal

I want my natural color back honestly I

think it's so beautiful and I finally

decided to accept my natural hair color

but as soon as I want the hair color

that I'm bored with I can't have it I

mean that's just the way it goes you

know I'm gonna try and finish getting

ready for this event and then we'll be

ready to go but that's the tea I guess I

am forever cursed to have red hair so I

am finally ready to go I refreshed my

makeup and I added my accessories I just

decided to do like a glitter in her

corner I didn't want to like mess with

it too much like I said that guy is

dancers what he's so mad at me he texted

me he's like I'm here MERP

but the glitter eye also matches my

shoes which are rhinestone Steve Madden

and I paired it all with this pink fuzzy

bag I don't know I love pastel colors

together like this pastel blue in this

pastel fuzzy pink but it's time to go

let's blow the candles out and let's

blow this popsicle stand

you can't go moon parties aren't for

kitties no do you need

we're on our way I'm so excited I know I

feel bad this guy's been waiting so long

how are you sir I'm good thanks I'm good

I'm sorry you had to wait so long I

think there was some miscommunication

all the time do you like the hotbar it's

so good thanks right the mac and cheese

I really like it the vegan mac and

cheese are the regular what's your name

Alex Alex we're gonna get along well


have you guys ever seen a restroom that

requires change I have to pee

wait you're really gonna charge me to

pee pink is about choice don't charge me

oh my god Zach literally had to put in a

quarter for me to pee I have a small

bladder so I always have to pee during

car rides and I look like it

la and I had to pee and early what the

hell they charge a corner to me but

honestly though this laundromat is so

cute with my outfit I'm not gonna lie

new clue this diversity it's a mini bag

believe it

we got that condition my bang retainers

I got nothing retainers well we didn't

have this pretty routine

good morning it is the next day

the party last night was a good time

Thank You Chien for inviting us again

they even gave me a little gift bag I

love what parties give out gift bags

honestly sometimes it's like the best

part oh my goodness look at this tissue

paper isn't it just like so perfect and

that was like the theme last night with

this blue color with the sparkle oh yeah

they totally gave me a gift bag with an

empty plastic bottle in it I'm just

kidding that was from Zak thank you but

they gave me two NYX primers is it

pronounced NYX or NYX I never know I

hear people say both ways and then they

also gave me this cute little pen which

is actually really useful because I am

currently working on setting up an

office space upstairs and I am always in

need of cute little pens and they also

gave us a gift card but we had a really

great time but yes it is currently 9:30

in the morning we just had our Starbucks

delivered but yes I think I'm gonna be

relaxing for the rest of the day I have

to edit a video for Monday the crazy

story about AJ it's insane but yeah so I

have to edit that video today it's gonna

be kind of a lazy day because look at

the weather outside what the heck is

going on right now this is my first

winter in California so I guess this is

what happens it doesn't snow it rains I

don't know about you guys but the

weather has huge effects on my mood and

how I feel but we're gonna make it work

but I wanted to show you guys my hair

now that it's down you guys will be able

to see kind of what I was talking about


how it's like an ombre even after the

guy tried to fix it he couldn't fix it

all the way and

if you guys want to know more or hear

more about my entire hair journey and

how I went through dyeing is super dark

like almost black - bringing it back up

- bleach blonde and then now settling in

to my natural color let me know because

maybe I will vlog about that entire

journey or make an entire video about it

thank you so much for tuning in to this

aunty holiday vlog I love you guys so

much stay tuned for the next time next

Friday because I feel like it and I love

you guys so much have a wonderful

beautiful day

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