6 Red Christmas Nails That’ll Make Your Manicure Stand Out This Season

As soon as Thanksgiving is over. If Christmas is your thing, you’re the sort of one that switches to full-on Santa mode. It’s shortly now till Christmas. We can’t wait! There are numerous things we'd like to urge it ready before Christmas which includes our look. we've 14 red Christmas nails that’ll make your manicure stand out this season. These nails design ideas includes; mismatched red nails, gold glitter for glam look, white sweater, reindeer, red Santa claus , Snowman, Bauble Christmas decoration and lots of pretty designs. If you fancy quite red Christmas nails. Take a glance at the previous post 16 Cute Christmas Nail Designs 2020 : Holiday Nail Art Ideas

Red Christmas Nails That’ll Make Your Manicure Stand Out This Season that includes;

-Mismatched Red Christmas Nails
-Santa and Holly Red Christmas Nails
-White Tartan and Red Christmas Nails
-White Christmas Tree on Red Tartan Christmas Nails
-White Sweater, Penguin and Shimmery Red Christmas Nails
-Festive reminder Red Nails
-Winter in London Postcard Inspired Nails Design
-Gold and Red Festive Nails
-Mismatched red and white sweater Christmas Nails
-Shades of Red Christmas Nails
-Red Christmas Nails
-Mismatched red, silver and ombre pink Christmas Nails
-Glam Christmas Nails
-Fun Christmas Nails Design
-14 Red Christmas Nails

1. Mismatched Red Christmas Nails
Winter Red, Red tartan, Reindeer and snowflake nails. trying to find funky winter nail ideas which will wow? Then this featured nails design is for you. This manicure features mismatched red nail enamel , red tartan and pink matte nails. The nails have cute design on top of the nails like white snowflake and cute Reindeer. This nail designs cute enough to wear through this season . Nails design by nailsby_jukus
1. White Tartan and Red Christmas Nails
Another unique Christmas nails for those that love tartan but this one is white tartan rather than red tartan and has holly accent nails. and therefore the red of the nail are red base, one nail has gold stripped across within the middle of the nail.

Products Used : Using the gelbottleinc Corure and Daisy.
Tartan foil, xmas decals, gold striping tape and glitter (stocking) from homeofnailart. Nails design by charlottestudiobeauty

2. White Christmas Tree on Red Tartan Christmas Nails
These red Christmas nails idea for those that love tartan. The nails feature red base color with black and gold tartan design, and a few nails have white Christmas tress and white stars. This nail looks easy to wear and excellent for winter nail look. Nails design by alecias.nails
3. White Sweater, Penguin and Shimmery Red Christmas Nails
Looking for fun and comfy Christmas nails design? This mismatched white sweater, Penguin, and shimmery red will look a touch festive so are going to be perfect for Christmas. Don’t forget to grab your warm spice drink and capture your pretty nails and show on your instagram. Nails design by alecias.nails

4. Festive reminder Red Nails

These nails feature a festive red polish in several shades with a white accent nail with red snowflakes, silver and white ribbon on red nail. the colour combo and style are perfect for Christmas. Would you wear this nail look? Nails design by lulu.blu.beauty

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