5 Winter Hair Colors Care Tips

1. Light Brown Balayage Hair

This brown balayage hair has made us swoon. the sunshine brown hair color for the lengths depart by dark roots adds a way of fullness and depth to otherwise flat and lifeless hair. the fragile tones of the balayage pattern are muted and lend an air of refinement. We love the brightness at the top of the hair

2. Creamy Light Brown Balayage Hair

If you love the natural look, then you need to see this hairstyle with the perfect wave. Think of this style as the recreation of the highlights you used to get as a kid. With inspiration like that, you’ll achieve a youthful style

3. Copper over chocolate milk hair

This is another cute brown hairstyle! The amazing effect comes from a diffused application of copper highlights over milk strands, which appear as if reflective liquid sheen, while the waves themselves were all styled to travel within the same direction, which reinforces that flowy feel. quite hooked into Hair Knots at the Minute.

4. Natural Ash Brown hair

This hairstyle reminds us of our favorite plum and winenavy roots subside to more ash brown-colored mids and ends. The natural ash brown color was applied during a soft, hand-painting technique that creates things look very natural, despite the originality of the location.

5. Caramel & Honey Hair

This hair idea looks delicious like a honey drip on the caramel. 🙂 This radiant winter hair color is ideal for brunettes who want to embrace the heart of winter with a subtle, but no less shimmering and crowd-pleasing, look. Caramel & Honey balayage highlights sprinkled throughout the roots and ends create a flattering, pearlescent appeal.

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